From the Material to the Metaphysical!   

Welcome  to World Incense Store! We are Brian, Jane & Sam Roberts, a  'husband, wife & son' team! A mid life career change in the early  2000's resulted in our family deciding to give up our life in rural  Suffolk, England and relocate to sunny Fort Myers, Florida! 

Leaving behind Corporate life in the UK, with its emphasis on the  material, the need for time away from home chasing 'success', we decided  upon a new lifestyle and family time together in our new life in the  US! We operated a large Record Store near Fort Myers which we ran for 10  years. During this time we discovered both ourselves and the wonderful  world of the Metaphysical - new beginnings, new reality, new life. 

Our new interest led us first to Incense and Smudging - hence the shop  name 'World Incense Store' - and in the last few years to crystals,  gemstones, rocks and minerals - and selling online! New life, new  business, new loves!

We are a very lucky family. We get to spend time together surrounded by  things we love - and we get to make our living from them all at the same  time. In addition to the three of us we have grown over the last years  and added friends and family to our shop staff. All our shop staff were friends of Sam before they worked here. Best  friends Jordan and Ryder were first to join us quickly followed by Ryan  (Sam's brother in law), Miranda (Ryan fiance), Amos (Ryder's Dad) and  Freddy (Ryan's BFF). Completing our small team Miranda's friend DJ  joined us in March 2019. 

We love what we do. Our incense, crystals and smudge kits come to you with our  love. Care goes into every order. We pride ourselves on quick order  turnaround (24/48 hours) and fast and free shipping for every order, big  or small. Easy returns, fast and friendly customer service and top  quality items at everyday low prices complete our customer centric  business philosophy.